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Senior Authorised Person/Energy marshal

Location: Sweden Salary: 130k to 150k Euros Per Annum + Package

Energy Marshall 


The Energy Marshall will be a client representative who oversees and assures the general contractor and supplemental vendor support comply with the overall energy isolation program management on a data centre construction project. 


Role and Responsibilities: 

The Energy Marshall is an assurance role that helps ensure the vendors’ and contractors’ Energy Isolation Program meets or exceeds any client safety policy requirements and is stood up by the Authorizing Energy Marshall.

Utilize SPS-101 Energy Isolation SPS and SPS-101 Energy Isolation Guidebook as the baseline and foundation of the Energy Isolation Program that is implemented throughout the campus and project. Establishes and manages an Energy Isolation assurance process and works with site teams to close any gaps identified in assurance audits. Alignment Checklist SPS 101 Energy Isolation is provided as a reference/guideline

Participate in High Risk Activity (HRA) planning meetings associated with Energy Isolation.

Ensures approval process for proposed Energy Isolation procedures is in place.

Work with the Authorizing Energy Marshall to establish an Energy Isolation Permit process.

Ensures SoWs, MOPs, and Scripts are reviewed, and all sources of energy are identified.

Helps determine if a group or individual LOTO will be required. 

Establishes with the Authorizing Energy Marshall a centralized LOTO with all site entities.

Ensures process is established that verifies qualifications, training, and PPE of personnel performing the work.

Delegates alternates that are qualified to assume role during multi-shift and peak energization time frames.

Liaising client operations where energy isolation activities may potentially impact operating data centre core operations.

Acts in coordination with the Authorizing Energy Marshall as a subject matter expert in all Energy Isolation incident investigations in area of responsibility.

Serves as an independent authority for stopping all unsafe work practices regarding Energy Isolation.

Communicates and provides guidance on SPS-101 Energy Isolation program documents.

Confirms Authorizing and Performing Roles are in place. 

Establishes Acceptance Criteria for Authorizing Authority’s site Energy Isolation Plan

Audits and findings to include inspections, issues, deficiencies, and best practices within the Energy Isolation Program

Report highlighting the activities and general status of the Energy Isolation Program Desired 


Experience and Education: 

Experience in data centre construction and commissioning standards and practices.

Proven ability to interact with teams and implement improvements 

Strong ability to effectively communicate complex technical solutions and concepts to engineers and non-engineers.

Ability to audit site practices against written standards as part of assurance role.

Strong ability to interpret line drawings and system redundancies to ensure design of LOTO systems is 100% effective and in compliance with client standards.

Familiar with multiple sources of energy in data centres, with emphasis placed on electrical

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